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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash the Sonic Bonnet?

Yes! All electronic components are removable: you can take those out, put the headband in the washer, and easily assemble again once it has dried. See the following detailed video for demonstration of removing the electronics:

How long does the Sonic Bonnet Battery last?

Battery life of your Sonic Bonnet will vary depending on your usage, but a fully charged Sonic Bonnet can provide over 3 nights of playtime

How long does it take the Sonic Bonnet to charge?

The Sonic Bonnet requires less than 2 hours of charging from empty to full, and its LED status light will glow blow when fully charged

How can I control my smartphone audio with my Sonic Bonnet?

Sonic Bonnet’s are equipped to fully control smartphone audio and calls. Please see the following instruction manual to review the Sonic Bonnet functionality

Usage Disclaimers:

  1. Do not expose Sonic Bonnet to liquid or moisture with electronic bluetooth components inside.
  2. Do not attempt to tamper with the electronic bluetooth component of the bonnet by breaking, disassembling, or opening it.
  3. Remove the electronic bluetooth component before washing the Bonnet.
  4.  Keep the Bonnet away from fire
  5. Do not keep the electronic bluetooth component of the Bonnet near highly acidic or alkaline materials